Why you Need A Reliable 3-Season Tent for the Spring

The start of spring means that some people will look to store their winter camping gear away, and look ahead to warmer excursions with better weather. A heavy duty 4-season tent may not be that important any more – which is great news for backpackers that want to lighten the load. Still, we can’t start digging out the light, mesh summer tents just yet. This season requires something in the middle – a lighter 3-season tent that offers all the protection and features that you need.

A good 3-season camping tent will offer the best possible protection from the changeable weather

The best 3-season camping tents are those that can provide a secure, comfortable place to stay in either spring, summer or autumn. This means that they are lighter, with plenty of breathable mesh and ventilation, but also have the strength and thickness in the materials to keep users safe an insulated. It is important to look at the full package with these tents. There is the tent itself, with its own mesh panels and weatherproof elements, but there is also the rain-fly and footprint. These are optional depending on the conditions. If you get a period of unseasonable warmth, you can just use the bare minimum of components. If not, they offer some peace of mind.

Camping Tent in Open Land

The biggest concern here is the risk of rain. A heavy April shower doesn’t have to ruin a trip if there is enough protection from the tent. The size of the rain fly is as important as the thickness and quality of the waterproof coating. It also helps if you know that it is easy to assemble, especially if you see dark clouds approaching. Some of the best 3-season camping tents will also have strong seams and a bath-tub floor to protect users further.

Another important thing to look for in a top 3-season camping tent is the storage

Spring camping trips mean that you might have a little more gear with you than you expected. You could have extra clothes to change into when it gets cold, as well as waterproofs and boots for the rain and mud. Then there are all the other pieces of kit and personal belongings. Good storage is essential to keep everything in order. Some tents will have a gear loft to keep larger items off the ground. Many have mesh pockets to secure personal items and mobile devices. It is also a good idea to look for a tent with a waterproof vestibule by the door. This is a great place to store all that muddy, wet gear without bringing it into the main sleeping area.

Spring is the perfect time for exploration in the wilderness and reconnecting with nature. This can mean embracing the changeable weather, temperatures and mud too. Don’t get weighed down by a 4-season tent in spring, but don’t rely on a weaker summer tent either. A reliable 3-season tent will ensure that you can do just that in a convenient structure – one with the best weatherproofing, a better weight and the right storage options.