Why You Need a Post-Trip Checklist as Well as a Pre-Trip Checklist

Many campers will create a clear pre-trip camping checklist to make sure that they have everything in order for their next adventure. It is important to have everything written out so everyone is on the same page, and nobody forgets everything. This can cover everything from the clothes and gear that you need to pack, to the last-minute checks of all the batteries, the quality of the tent and other arrangements. However, some may neglect to write up a post-trip camping checklist. This is a useful list to help you at the end of the trip, when it is time to pack everything up and head home.

Camping Checklist

Have a clear list of everything that you need to pack up before you leave

Some people will simply take their packing list from before the trip and use that to advise them. Others may not bother and end up just throwing everything in the car. It helps to keep track of every item packed so nothing is left behind. If a child brings a stuffed animal or book last minute, and it wasn’t on the checklist, make sure to add it so it isn’t lost in the woods. At the same time, it helps to add on items gained during the trip. If you have been on a nature hike collecting pine cones, feathers, or beach-combing, remember to add those mementos to the list too.

It also helps to have different camping checklist for the tent for when you leave

Packing up a camping tent is a different process to setting one up. You can start with a basic list of items, but some instructions on the process can help too. This little checklist of tasks may sound tedious at first, but new campers soon find that stuffing a tent into a small carry bag doesn’t always work. The clearer the instructions, the quicker the process. The quicker the process, the less likely it is that you have to wake up an hour earlier to figure it all out. This checklist can also include care instructions. This includes handling wet gear, which may get musty and moldy when packed away.

Campers are also encouraged to create a post-trip camping checklist for their rubbish and waste

Finally, it is important to leave your campsite as you found it. You don’t want litter ruining the countryside. Also, the next campers on-site don’t want to deal with your mess. That is why it is important to run through a quick cleaning list. Make sure all the rubbish is dealt with in an appropriate manner, with due care to recycle where possible. If provisions aren’t around, remember to take the rubbish home. Other tasks include washing and drying plates and food containers. You will also want to add a note to check for bugs and other creatures that may have found shelter in the tent. Release them into the wild before they get trapped in a tent bag.

Remember that the more tasks and items you have on a post-trip camping checklist, the easier the process will be. Everyone in the group can take on a task to ensure that the site is clean, the tent is packed correctly and nothing is left behind.