Why You Can Still Enjoy Good Coffee While Camping

Camping is a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and rejuvenating effects of nature. Campers get to relax and decompress with the wilder world. Some find that this is a great way to reset their body clock for better sleep patterns. The dark nights and dawn chorus are enough to help raise people from their slumber, ready to take on the day. Others need a good cup of coffee to get going.

The word “good” poses a little bit of an issue on the campsite. Often there is no option but to boil up some instant granules and hot water over the stove. There is certainly no coffeehouse in the wilderness for a skinny latte with all the right trimmings. Some people can get by with the basics. Others will prefer something a little closer to the norm. There are three options to keep in mind when camping.

Heating Coffee on a Grill

Option 1: Cowboy Coffee

The first is the idea of cowboy coffee with some decent grounds. It is easy enough to bring some top quality coffee grounds to the campsite if you use them in a machine at home. A little zip-locked bag will hold enough for the weekend. Campers can use this strong, aromatic form to create strong, great tasting coffee with water boiled over the fire. It is a slow, gentle process. But many enjoy the art of creating the drink and savoring it as the sun rises.

Option 2: A Portable Coffee Machine

Those that aren’t keen on this rustic approach, or the risk of a few missed grounds floating in the cup, can turn to a portable coffee maker. There are some great models that use nothing but a hand pump, a filter and a cup to create a great cup of coffee. There are lots of these hand-powered, off-grid devices that can replicate a decent espresso or americano in the middle of nowhere. These portable devices don’t take up much room in the rucksack either.

Option 3: Cold Brew Coffee

Then there is the option of cold brew coffee. This has a reputation as something trendy and urban, but there is great potential while camping too. You can pour some cold water over the coffee in the evening, let it brew overnight and enjoy the great taste the following day. This isn’t to everyone’s taste, as many need their caffeine fix to be hot. Yet, this does solve the problem of heating the water and also requires less equipment. It is idea for those packing light with no camping stove and no fire.

Coffee loving campers don’t have to go without their favorite drink

These three options have their pros and cons, but they provide a nice compromise for those that are used to a more high-end brew everyday. Cowboy coffee is a nice camping bonding experience, cold brew offers a trendy new taste and portable machines are surprisingly effective. The only other option is to pack a solar panel, converter and a compact coffee machine – but that is a little extreme.