Why Spring Showers are Nothing to Worry About With the Right Preparati

The weather in spring can always be pretty temperamental. One minute we can have a nice bright spell, the next the clouds can form and we get some rain. Some of those spring showers can be pretty torrential. It makes it a little bit more difficult to prepare and pack for a camping trip. In some cases, some families may be put off from going camping in the unpredictable spring weather at all. There is no need to cancel a family trip just because the forecast looks a little changeable. The right considerations with packing, the right approach at the campsite, and the right tent, can all help.

The Right Tent

The camping tent is the most important consideration here. All campers need something warm and dry that keeps them safe whatever the weather. This means a protective material around the tent, strong seams and waterproofing all the way around the outside and a good rain fly. The rain fly is the most important in this spring weather. You can set up a more basic tent for the sunnier spells, with a view and ventilation, then set up this tough cover when you see the clouds and dark skies approaching. This weatherproofing should keep the worst off.

Raining at Campsite

Take Care of Your Camping Equipment

You also want to take care of all your gear and equipment – both while out in the campsite and before you travel. Before traveling, check for damage to any of the seams, problems with zippers or tears in the rain fly. Repair them as best you can before setting out. You also want to keep wet gear and equipment secure and separate in the tent. Keep muddy boots and wet packs in the vestibules of the tent. This keeps the sleeping areas clean, dry and more pleasant during the trip.

Pack For All Weathers

This changeable weather means that you need more than just that 3-season camping tent. It helps to be prepared for warmer spells and rain showers. This means layering up and having access to waterproofs. A good waterproof jacket and spare pair of waterproof shoes will help when the shower comes and create soggy ground and puddles.

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

Finally, it never hurts to keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan activities accordingly. While there is still the risk of getting caught out in a shower, you can lessen that risk. The first step is to look at the long-range forecast and make a note of any weather fronts and issues that are likely to cause a problem. Campers on less primitive sites with possible Wi-Fi access can then look up reports with apps before heading out for the day. It also helps to read the signs of changeable weather while out hiking.

Don’t plan a camping trip in the spring with the intention to avoid the rain at all costs. You might miss out on some great experiences, or never set out at all. Instead, embrace the fact that rain is an inevitable part and work with it. Sure up that waterproof tent, layer up with waterproof clothing and take all the precautions that you need.