Tasty Campfire Treats That Make S’mores Look Boring

Campfire treats are an essential part of the camping experience. Some families use this bonding time to create recipes and teach kids a few survival skills. Others may use these goodies as a little form of bribery for a long nature hike or campfire chores. Whatever the reason, families can have great fun building these treats and finding new ways to cook on the campfire. The immediate choice for some campers are S’mores. There is that instant association thanks to childhood memories and popular culture. However, there are lots of different ways to get a sugar fix while camping. Many even allow for some fruit to balance things out.

Marshmallows on a Stick

S’more Cones

Let’s start with a recipe that takes the typical S’more and makes it more interesting – and a little more practical. S’mores might just taste a little better, and be easier to eat, as a waffle cone full of goodies. Just fill a cone with chocolate, treats and marshmallows, wrap it in foil and roast it for around 10 minutes. This is a great way to experiment with flavor combinations while containing al the ingredients in that handy cone.


These cones are gooey sweet treats that are a nice alternative idea. But, some kids love the old-fashioned idea of putting something on a stick, putting it in the fire and getting a quick snack. Marshmallow covered strawberries are a healthier alternative to appease kids and parents. These fruits are the perfect vessel for some melted mallow. Still, families can play around with other options too. A mallow apple is an interesting twist on toffee apples.

Banana Boat

Another interesting use of fruit in a sweet camping treat is the banana boat. This couldn’t be simpler. Kids that love barbecued fruit at home can play with this twist by the camp fire. Just cut a banana length-ways and stuff the fruit with ingredients. This can be marshmallow, syrup, chocolate chips or anything else that works. Like the cones, they are simply wrapped in foil and roasted on the fire for 5 to 10 minutes.

Campfire Brownies

One of the problems in creating the ideal camping treats comes in finding the right utensils and cooking equipment. We can’t stick a cake in a tin in an oven. But, we can put brownie batter in a scooped out orange peal and cook it in foil. It begs the question how anyone figure out that it would work, but it does. Pre-made the brownie batter at home, store it in a camping fridge and bake as needed.

Campfire Fruit Pies

Finally we have these pies. One item of campfire cooking equipment that you might have with you is the camping sandwich iron. Then tough pans are great for grilled cheese sandwiches after a long day. Some creative campers use the bread casing as a makeshift pie case. They add fruit fillings between the bread and cook them in the fire. It is a sort of fruit pie/hot pocket hybrid. It isn’t conventional, but it can satisfy hunger and a sweet tooth.