Solar Power Solutions For Entertainment in The Wilderness

Camping out in the wilderness used to mean that there was no choice but to go completely off-grid. Some campers love this freedom, and will ditch all tech and contact with the outside world. Others need the security of phones, and entertainment from tablets, music players and other devices. Solar powered solutions for camping are here to help.

Creating a Solar Powered Set-Up for Your Camping Trip

Solar powered camping doesn’t mean big, noisy generators and small power plants in the middle of the field. There are now plenty of portable, user-friendly systems available that can provide a great source of green energy. It can take a little time to rig everything up, but a well-placed, and well-connected system should satisfy all power needs for the weekend ahead.

Man Using Phone with Solar Panel Hook up

The Power Generator

The first step is to find a solar power generator that will meet the power needs of the group. The best models have great storage capabilities for solar power, as well as multiple outlets. Look out for models with a variety of outlets for 12v charging, USB charging and other capabilities. Also look for one that is easy to carry onto the site.

The Solar Panels

Of course this generator is useless without the right solar panels to harness all that solar energy to begin with. The power and size of the panels are important, but so is portability and ease of use. The best camping models are foldable for easy transportation. They also have mounting hardware to fix them to tents, or hang them from backpacks.

Then there are the solar powered gadgets that can help power the campsite more easily

Solar power generation via panels and convertors has a lot of potential when powering the whole campsite. However, these systems can be a pain to set up. They can also seem like an over-the-top response to any minimal power needs. This is where it can help to use some solar powered gadget instead. This cuts out the middlemen of the power generators and long cables. Integrated solar panels charge the device directly. It isn’t always as powerful, but it can be effective.

There are lots of different solar powered camping gadgets around for lots of different purposes. Some do fall into the entertainment category.

Solar phone charger

Families that can’t go without their tablet or smartphone, but don’t want a big solar system, can use a solar-powered charging case. Companies now build solar cells into phone cases to provide a small charge for calls and messaging.

Solar Speaker

The quiet of the countryside can seem a little too quiet to some first time campers. A small solar powered speaker, hooked up to a radio or tablet, can offer a little music.

Solar Reading Light

Entertainment in the campsite doesn’t have to be electronic. There are many families that will enjoy a good bedtime story. Here, solar powered night lights offer the perfect illumination to see the pages while kids doze off.

Research different systems and gadgets before setting off on your camping trip

These solar systems and solar powered gadgets make sense for those that don’t want to go off-grid while camping. This is just an introduction to the possibilities of solar powered camping. Take some time to research the best devices for your own personal needs.