Quick and Simple Camping Breakfast Solutions

Breakfast is a crucial meal for any camper. This is where the family can fuel up for the day ahead, plan the itinerary and make the most of the experience. There is a wonderful notion in cooking breakfast on a camp fire. But, the reality is sometimes labor intensive and difficult without the right approach. The best campsite breakfasts are those with minimal prep time, cooking time or washing up.

Here are Some Great Suggestions

Cooking at Campsite

Bacon and Eggs

This one will require some place to store the bacon in a safe, cool environment. Still, a cooked breakfast on a camp fire is a great reward for the efforts of camping. This sounds tasty and nutritious. But, what about all the messy pans? That is where campers turn to bacon and eggs in a bag. Get a paper bag, line in with bacon, crack the eggs over the top and roast it on the end of a stick for about 10 minutes. It is quick with minimal mess.

Additional camping hack: How are you getting all those eggs to the campsite in one piece? Why not scramble them all up into a bottle and add to recipes as need. This wont work for those insistent on a fried egg, but it will help many other campers.


This is one for the grown ups perhaps more than the kids, but a tasty, simple option. The benefit here is that not only does it use plenty of protein and vegetables, it uses whatever is to hand in one pot. Simply chuck the ingredients in, cook them up and add in that scrambled egg mix. Before long you have a great camping breakfast to share.


This one works a little like the eggs. The best solution here is to make up a mix of pancake batter at home, seal it up in a plastic bag, then put the bag in the cooler. This is much easier then messing around with milk, eggs and flour in the middle of a field. On site, cut off a corner of the bag, poor the mixture into the pan and wait for it to cook.

Additional camping hack: Have you and the kids been learning about all the tasty, safe berries that there are to forage around the campsite? These treats could be a great healthy addition to these pancakes to start the day right.


How do you get the best cup of coffee without a coffee maker? There is no way of getting that perfect latte or cappuccino out in the wilderness. But, that doesn’t mean that coffee is out of the question. Boiled water and freeze dried coffee is a good starting point for those less fussy about the taste. Others can make “coffee-bags” from the ground coffee and filters of their machines at home. Just make sure they are tied tight and use them like a regular tea bag.

These camping breakfast solutions aren’t going to suit everyone, but can make a big difference

There are sure to be some first-time camping kids that wonder why they can’t have some pop tarts or giant bowls of cereal. The trick is to make a camping breakfast fun and interesting. These methods offer quick solutions with minimal mess, but also room to play with flavors and methods. Once campers get used to their limitations and possibilities with the camp fire, griddle and small fridge, the fun can begin.