Providing Ventilation On Hotter, Sunnier Camping Trips

Camping in the summer can be a wonderful experience. The mornings are brighter, for family breakfasts around the campfire. The days are long for plenty of adventures in the great outdoors. The nights are warm and clear for late nights and stargazing. Yet, this time of year is also pretty hot at times, with the potential to get even hotter as heat-waves become more likely. This is when you need to consider the ventilation of a summer camping tent. There are a few different features to look for when choosing the ideal tent for your family.

Tent with Rays of Sun Breaking Through the Trees in Background

The First Thing to Consider is the Use of Mesh Around the Tent

Mesh panels are the perfect starting point. The best mesh windows offer three important benefits to a tent. First of all, they allow for that all-important flow of air to keep the cabins fresh and habitable. Secondly, they should do so while also being fine enough to keep out insects. The downside of summer camping is a rise in mosquitoes and other critters. Always check the quality of the mesh before buying. Finally, there is the view out into the summer landscape. The more of these mesh windows there are in the tent, the better the ventilation.

Air Ports and Dedicated Vents

Campers may find that these mesh windows aren’t always enough for a substantial flow of cool, fresh air on a hot day. This is where additional air vents can help. These little vents are built into the sides of tents for a steady stream. This can make a massive difference, but only if there are enough of them in the right places. For example, a cabin tent with separate rooms – or simply a room divider – should have adequate ventilation for each sleeping area.

Go For a Tent With a Second Door

A back door on a family tent is often a convenient feature as it allows for improved access in and out of the tent. This is great when there are two clear living spaces and users want a little more privacy. However, a two door system also provides a steady breeze through the tent, pushing out the hot, stale air. Keep them open as long as it is safe to do so for the best experience.

Look Into Other Ways of Keeping Cool on a Summer Camping Trip

There is the chance on seriously hot trips that the mesh and vents only do so much. It will also help to look at other means of keeping cool, such as clothing, beds and fans. Portable fans are a helpful, if sometimes noisy way to cool off. Those that are happy in sleeping bags may ditch the camping mat to be closer to the cooler ground. Those sleeping bags, and any clothing, should also be light and breathable.

A well ventilated camping tent, an appropriate wardrobe and some back-up cooling fans should ensure that the family stays cool while camping. Always check the weather forecasts and plan ahead for any hot spells. The last thing you want is to be too uncomfortable or tired to enjoy the trip.