Portable Kitchen Gadgets For The Campsite

After a long day of hiking in the wilderness, exploring and enjoying the family camping trip, all campers need a good meal. Also, it helps to fuel up the family with the best possible breakfast to give them the energy for the day ahead. Some families may think that their cooking capabilities are limited. There is only so much that they can do with a camp fire and a basic stove. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are lots of cool, portable cooking gadgets and tools to help create breakfasts, meals and fun night-time snacks.

Cooking on a Portable Grill

Portable Grills and Barbecues

Many campers will overlook the possibility of taking a grill out to the campsite. First of all, many of these barbecue style devices are too cumbersome to pack up in the car. Secondly, many campsite have restrictions on the fuel and size of fire campers can use. This is where a small, portable electric grill comes in.

Portable Coffee Makers

Some campers love to have a few creature comforts on site to help them through the weekend. A cup of good, hot coffee is high on that list. Instant coffee and boiled water doesn’t always cut it. That is why many campers rave about new, portable espresso machines. There are tiny pump action devices that can create a good brew from decent grounds.

Attachments to Create Toasting Forks

For those that are out in the wilderness with a campfire and some marshmallows, these machines might seem too high-tech. There are neat little gadgets for people that want a rustic experience, but also a little more convenience. There are attachments for sticks that turn this basic implements into two or four pronged tools. This means more marshmallow in a shorter space of time – and happier campers.

Other Clever Cooking Tools for the Campfire

There are plenty of other clever creations with camping in mind. There are plenty of long-handled, portable pans for different meals. Sandwich toasters and popcorn pans will always go down well. Others will love the idea of the spatula with the flash light built-in. This is clever way to illuminate the meat on a camping stove in poor light.

Flat-Pack Kitchen Gadgets

Anything that is flat pack is ideal for a camping trip. It saves on space, both inside the tent and in the back of the car. There are lots of different flat-pack tools here. Flat-pack storage boxes for food and other items is a great starting point. Flat pack metal cooking trays are also remarkably effective and easy to use. Then there are the flat-pack washing up bowls. Just fold them out, fill them from the tap and wash up the plates and mugs as you go.

Shop around – you never know what you might find

As you can see, there are some portable camping cooking tools that are high-end and extreme, others that are cheap and fun, and then those that offer truly clever solutions. The former are ideal for those new to camping that don’t want to rough it. The latter will amuse seasoned campers looking for a neat trick. Take the time to browse ideas. It could be that – like the spatula torch – you never realized how much you wanted something until you see it.