Coleman Evanston Screened Tent In-Depth Review

The Coleman Evanston is one of the top-ranked screened tents you can purchase. This tent comes in different sizes where you get the option of selecting between a 6-person tent and an 8-person tent. The Coleman Evanston features a trademark green and white color scheme that looks extremely cool.

The standout feature regarding the Coleman Evanston is that you can choose your perfect setup depending on your activity and the number of people joining you on your camping excursion. If you love adventures such as camping, hunting, hiking, backpacking, and more, this tent will provide you and your group with much-needed shelter.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Best features on the Coleman Evanston Tent

1. Privacy

If you and your family members or friends want to enjoy a private and intimate time at a public camping site, the Coleman Evanston tent provides that in spades. As stated earlier, this fully-screened tent which helps improve the privacy level for campers. Its front porch is fully screened and features privacy wings as well as privacy vent windows to enhance the privacy level further.

2. Build materials

For poles, the Coleman Evanston tent uses 11mm fiberglass shock cord poles. This tent setup also features pole sleeves that allow interconnection between the poles to form a single dome structure.

When it comes to the outer cover (tent and fly,) they are made of a durable 75 denier polyester taffeta. This taffeta comes coated with 450mm of polyurethane material to enhance the tents insulation.

As for the floor, you get a rigid 1000 denier polyethylene surfaced floor that insulates you from the dusty, rocky or even snowy surfaces of camping sites.

Lastly, the windows of the Coleman Evanston are built with 68 denier polyester mesh for better wind, rain and snow insulation as well as for added privacy.

3. Ease of use and set up

When it comes to setup, all the components of the Coleman Evanston tent are designed to fit together easily and intuitively. For instance, the shock cord poles are color coded where all you have to do is match the colors to set them up. But that’s not all; this tent comes equipped with continuous pole sleeves that ease the process of setting it up.

If setting up this tent doesn’t come intuitively to you, no need to worry, the manufacturers included an instruction manual that features detailed setup instructions as well as other useful instructions.

Other than that, the Coleman Evanston tent features easy to use doors and windows that are fitted with durable zippers for opening and closing. This tent also comes with a carry bag that eases the process of carrying the tent.

With its ease of use and set up feature, even newbie campers can set it up within minutes. This means that if campers are racing against time to erect the tent due to an approaching storm, strong winds or snowfall, they can rest assured that they’ll have the tent up and ready to shelter them from those adverse weather conditions.

4. Dimensions

The Coleman Evanston tent features a dome-like shape which means the height dimensions vary. The center height measures 68-inches while the rest of its height measures 5’8″. The floor dimension measure 14-feet in length by 10-feet in width.

With that height, it means people can easily stand up and walk around the tent while the floor dimensions mean that 6 to 8 adults can fit and sleep comfortably in the tent. Alternatively, you can fit two queen-sized airbeds in the tent for ultimate comfort when sleeping.

5. Other features

The other stand out features on this tent include a WeatherTec system and a Variflo Adjustable Ventilation System. These two systems work in tandem to create a favorable climate within the tent. Not only do they insulate the interior from cold winds and dust but also help discharge the excess moisture that’s breathed out when people are asleep.


All in all, the Coleman Evanston is a high-quality tent that can be used for all outdoor camping activities. It provides great shelter for campers while being a comfortable and safe place to spend time while relaxing, telling stories, drinking, playing cards and much more.