Browning Camping Big Horn Family Tent Review

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent immediately looks like a spacious, secure environment. This tall cabin structure is set to hold 8 people, with clever room configurations and weatherproofing. The design is also pretty subtle, so great for the wilderness. The specification boasts fiberglass poles in the free-standing design, six windows, additional ropes and stakes and more.

All the best family and hunting tents need the right capacity to accommodate all the users.

Size is crucial with these sorts of tents. A large family needs enough room to set out enough sleeping bags for everyone. Smaller families often like larger tents as they provide space for air mattresses and room to move. Hunting trips with smaller parties don’t have to get quite so close to each other and have room to store gear. This 8-person model should be popular with both groups because of the large floor space of 10 by 15 feet, as well as the tall center height of 87’’. This means standing room for ease of movement. There is also the added bonus here of the two separate doorways. This means that users aren’t clambering over each other to get out. Also, there is a room divider to separate kids and adults if required.

Browning Camping Big Horn Family Hunting Tent
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Another benefit of this tent is the strength and waterproofing in bad weather

Groups that head out for weekend of hunting or fishing may do so even if the weather forecast isn’t that great. They will wait it out in the tent as it rains, then head out as it dries out. This is where the strong construction and weatherproofing of the tent help. This is a free-standing tent, with additional ropes to keep it in place. The frame is pretty strong and holds up to the wind, despite the extra-tall height. There is also great waterproofing in the fly and the awnings over the doors. Users also appreciate the ventilation for fresh air. There is enough mesh at the doors and windows to air the place out – essential in an 8 person hunting party.

These tents for larger parties also need enough storage space, however this Big Horn model could do more to help here.

This is where some users are a little disappointed by this tent. Storage is important for all the gear required on these hunting trips or family camping weekends. This tent has a series of mesh pockets to keep valuables and mobile devices off the floor. There is also the fact that the tent has straight walls, so campers can bring in furniture and storage boxes with greater ease. However, there is no vestibule by the door for wet and muddy gear – perhaps because this would eat into the floor space. There is also no gear loft.

There are factors where the designers of this Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent could make some improvements. The capacity and room configuration is great, especially with the extra door and room divider. There are also positives in the weatherproofing and strong free-standing design. With some better storage, it should win over even more families and campers on hunting trips.

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