Best 8 Person Tents For Larger Families 2018

8 person camping tents are a great idea for many families and large groups. They provide a little extra space and a few more options than some of the smaller models available. This means that larger groups of friends, or big families, can share a tent in sleeping bags. Alternatively, smaller groups can set up a pair of airbeds and live a little more luxuriously. Some of these camping tents for 8 people can be a little more difficult to set up than their 6-person counterparts – but not by much. Yet, they also provide some interesting shapes and additional rooms for that extra effort. Many brands, such as the three highlighted below, will take the best features from across their range and build them into a more spacious, interesting model the whole family can enjoy.8 Person Family Camping Tents

The following product are five of the best camping tents available right now for groups of 8 people or less. The first thing that is noticeable when comparing these models is that there are lots of different approaches to the cabins, screen rooms and vestibules, as well as the dimensions. Even so, they tend to share many similarities in the quality of the weatherproofing and construction. They are well-protected from the elements (in most cases) and provide some helpful features. They all have some interesting pros and cons that should help families find the ideal camping tent for their needs.

1. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

One of the great things about the Coleman range is that they provide a series of “instant” camping tents for families across different capacities. This means tents with a 60-second assembly process, which should provide a quick and easy option for groups of different sizes. Here they have a larger instant tent for 8 people. This extends the capacity of their popular 6-person model, with some more mesh windows around the sides and door as an added bonus. All of that extra mesh around the outside of this tent is great for increasing the ventilation and the view, while also keeping bugs out. At the same time, this tent should be able to handle the rain with the WeatherTec system and inverted seams.Coleman 8-Person Instant TentBuy From Amazon

The simple 14x10ft rectangular space means that families can sleep in whichever configuration they like. There is room for 8 sleeping bags or 2 queen air beds for smaller groups. The 6ft5’’ center height might be a small let down here, as this is a little lower than some of the other camping tents mentioned in this guide. Even so, this should offer enough standing room for most members of the group. The set-up experience seems to be the same as with most instant Coleman tents. It can go up with ease – with some even managing it in the dark – but users struggle to get it back in the bag. Despite this small flaw, most users are happy to recommend this quick-assembly tent for those with larger families.

2. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent 8 Person

Sticking with this popular brand we have a screened 8-person tent that may suit different groups with different needs. This screened section of the tent should be the main selling point here, over the other 8 person family camping tents from Coleman. This area provides a smaller screened vestibule at the front, separated from the large main sleeping area at the back. They claim that this is for “bug free lounging” rather than storage, but it depends on the size for the group and their needs. The Wenzel model below arguably does a better job with a screened lounge area. Some smaller groups may prefer to use this as a storage area. Others claim to use it as a place where their dogs can sleep.Coleman Evanston Screened Tent 8 PersonBuy From Amazon

There there the more secure, enclosed sleeping compartment. This main area measures 15x12ft, so is bigger than the Instant Tent above. This should be ideal for either 8 sleeping bags or 2 queen air beds. Like most of the best Coleman camping tents, this option retains the WeatherTec system to keep users dry and safe. There is also a rain fly and plenty of ventilation. Most find that it stands up to the elements pretty well, and the fibreglass poles should be strong enough to handle the wind. There are some issues with the set up of the poles – and their weight – as this is not the instant, 60 second model like the one above. Still, it shouldn’t be too difficult to put together.

3. Coleman Octagon 98 – 2 Room Tent – 8 Person

This is the third and final model in this guide from this popular brand. This is where we start to see some of the more interesting shapes and sizes emerging with these larger tents. There is no need for a family camping tent to be a basic rectangular shape, as this octagon proves. This octagonal tent has a 2-room design for two separate groups, or perhaps parents and children. There is also a hinged door rather than zipped door, which is becoming increasingly popular now. This capacity means that there is room for 8 sleeping bags or two queen-sized airbeds. Despite the shape, this isn’t too hard to set up. There are color coded pole attachments and the promise that it takes about 15minutes. This will vary depending on conditions and distractions. Even so, some say it is so easy that a child can do it.Coleman Octagon 98 - 2 Room TentBuy From Amazon

As with the other Colman 8 person tents that we have seen in this list, weatherproofing is very important. This is seen with the taped seams and the size of the fly. It covers the full-length of the tent and zips onto the structure for added security and comfort. This is a pretty tough and sturdy tent that can hold up to the elements. Some would like to see better ground ventilation for when the fly is on – as well as a bigger carry bag for packing it all back up. Added conveniences include the storage areas, to the point where there are even cup holders.

4. Timber Ridge Large Family Tent – 8 Person

Here we have another two room tent for separation and privacy – this time from a different brand. This Timber Ridge family sized dome is designed for large groups, with its two D-style doors, storage organization areas and large capacity. It is interesting to note here that they claim that it can hold 10 people at its maximum capacity. However, it is best to stick to no more than eight to be sure of enough space. Even so, this is a spacious option that feels airy and roomy. The tall 80’’ center height is particularly appealing for taller users. The large windows add to the sense of space and provide a good view. There is a lot in the box with this product, so it should have everything that the family needs to set it up. This includes the flysheet, storage bag, guy ropes and 14 stakes. However, some say that it needs a second pair of hands when setting it up because of the awkward size.Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping with Carry Bag, 2 RoomsBuy From Amazon

Those large windows should help with the ventilation. However, there is a strong warning about the weatherproofing from Timber Ridge themselves. They claim that this is much better for good weather and beach use, rather than a wet and windy wilderness adventure. There is lots of breathable mesh here and 190T polyester on the canvas, which is lighter than many other tents. There are limitations to the purpose of this tent, but it will still provide a great getaway for large groups in the right conditions.

5. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

This final option in this list of 8 person camping tents for large groups takes this idea of two rooms in a slightly different direction. The screened Coleman camping tent above showed some potential in separate rooms with the small screened vestibule. This Wenzel option extends this room and offers a greater sense of purpose. Here there in a cabin room – or sleeping room – and an additional screen room. This essentially provides a bedroom and living room for the occupants to enjoy. There are two options here. Some will see this as a nice choice for a large group of 8 people. There is the option of fitting 8 sleeping bags in that 90sq.ft sleeping area. However, the configuration of the two rooms may be more comfortable for smaller groups.Wenzel 8 Person Klondike TentBuy From Amazon

Whatever the size of the group sharing the tent, it should provide a comfortable living space for less primitive campsite. There is plenty of protection from the rain and heat with the rain fly, zippered windows and additional vents in the mesh roof. There are also the added conveniences of the gear loft and carry bag for simple storage. This is seen as more of a tent for the campsite than for a trek into the wilderness, because of the size and style. Some say that this purpose, and the more luxurious approach to camping, means that it really could have done with an additional port for electrical cables. Still, most can get by without it.