Best 4 Person Camping Tents For Small Groups

4 person camping tents aren’t always the most popular option for a camping trip. They can immediately seem a little small compared to the 6-person options. The important thing to remember straight away with these tents is that they are typically designed for four sleeping bags, or one queen sized air bed. This means that that these compact, portable tents are actually a great idea for small groups of close friends, parents with two small children, or a couple after a more comfortable sleeping arrangement. These tents also try and provide all the right tools and features, despite their smaller size. This means a rain fly, other weatherproofing and occasionally some storage.

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The following camping tents show the range that is available within such a small space. The capacity on these models may not be that generous, as some are a little short in places. Still, there are plenty of interesting designs that make the most of what is available. This ranges from the simple pop-up tents, with their basic user-friendly approach, to the taller cabin style options for a group of upto four. There are some that are as basic as they come, with no confusion or thrills, and others that offer a surprising amount for the asking price. Each of these tents aims to provide comfort and security away from home – they just take a different approach to the materials, construction and features.

7 Camping Tents With Enough Space for 4  People

1. Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Coleman Tents are popular with families of different sizes because of the promise of high quality across the range. This is as clear with this smaller 4 person Sundome option as it is with the bigger, tougher models for larger groups. The main benefit here is the great use of water proofing with the WeatherTec system. This is an important part of the bigger tents in the range, and it is nice to see that smaller families get the same deal. This means welded floors, inverted seams and the combination of the ground vent and mesh window for ventilation. It also comes with a rain fly but some feel it is a little small for full protection. There are also stakes in the package, although some buyers say that they could be a little better. Even so, it is easy enough to set up.Sundome 4 Person Tent

The potential issue here comes in the capacity. It is comparable to bigger Coleman tents in terms of strength, but it is much smaller. This simple dome doesn’t look particularly spacious at first, and has just enough space in the floor area for four sleeping bags at 9ft by 7ft. This means that it is arguably more comfortable as a 2 person tent with an air mattress instead of one for a family of four. The biggest downside with the dimensions is the center height of 4ft 11’’. There isn’t a lot of space to move around.

2. Coleman Instant Tent 4 Person

One of the upsides about the Coleman model above is that is has a fast assembly process of between 10 –15 minutes. This all depends on the skill of the user and any distractions that may slow up the process. This means that it is appealing to newcomers short on time. However, there is a faster option in the Coleman range that can cut the set-up time even further. There are a few pop-up instant instant tents across the Coleman range, and this one is comparable to some of the larger options. This one should go up in 60 seconds of less. This does need a little practice for the perfect assembly, but most feel it is easy enough. The use of the pre-attached poles and simple construction definitely help.Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent

Aside from this much faster assembly system, this Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent 4 is much like the one above in most other respects. This highlights the quality and care that goes into this brand. The first similarity here is with the weatherproofing. There is the same WeatherTec system in place and good ventilation, just with a little more mesh around the sides this time. There are also some of the same issues with capacity. This is great for two people – 4 at a squeeze. It is a little smaller at 8ft by 7ft and 4ft 10’’ in the center. This isn’t so big a difference that it put many people off though.

3. AmazonBasics Tent for 4 People

There will be a few buyers that are put off by the brand and the name basics. There are keen campers that want the best features from a top brand, and many unsure that “basics” means secure and comfortable. This is where this Amazon product can surprise people. First of all, for a basics model, this tent actually come with plenty of features if buyers get the right package. There is the 4 person tent, the rain fly, an air bed for the floor and an extra air pillow. The pad is self-inflating for ease of use and the pillow has benefits beyond the campsite. Like the other four person camping tent, this has the room for four in sleeping bags, and no more. There is a floor space of 9ft by 7ft, with a 59 inch center height. An added bonus with this space is the use of the interior pocket.AmazonBasics Tent 4 person

The other surprise with this model is the promise of a tough build on the tent – with the 1000D polyurethane floor, water resistance, and added strength in the seams and abrasion resistance. This is classed as a 3-season option. This means it should hold up well enough in bad weather, but not the worst storms. Some buyers say that it is still a little too cheap in places. It may beat some expectations, but still isn’t as strong as other brands. Yet, many others feel it offers great value for money for occasional campers on a budget.

4. Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Tent

The next model from Kelty Ridge is another one that seems pretty basic on the surface. It has a simple shape, one that isn’t that dissimilar to the Coleman Instant Tent, and is affordable, like the Amazon Basic. However, there is a clear sense that buyers are in for a little more than they might have initially expected when they receive this tent. The first clear benefit here comes with the strength. This is clear in the weatherproofing and the strong free-standing design. This model is tough enough to handle the terrain and bad weather, and is rightly sold as a 3-season tent. The tough polyester holds up to the rain in wetter conditions, while the mesh at the top allows for great ventilation and a view of the night sky.Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Tent

The other surprise with this tent comes with the capacity. Like many of these smaller pop-up style tents, there doesn’t look to be that much space available. However, there is more floor space here than some other models, and the designers have made good use of the available space. The floor measures 82 by 97 inches, which again means enough room for four sleeping bags where needed. The interesting additions here are the two vestibules for gear storage and the use of two doors. This should make it easier to enter and exit the tent without disturbing other occupants. This all means that this tent is a comfortable, reliable option for couples that head out often.

5. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Tent for a Group of 4

As the name suggests, this Alps “mountaineering” tent takes users in a slightly different direction. This is another four person tent, with a similar approach to the shape and capacity as other models here. It has a floorspace of 7’6 by 8’6 and a center height of 60″. However, this is definitely something a bit more rugged for regular campers. This model has a waterproof polyester fly, which is also able to withstand UV damage. There is also ventilation for comfort across the seasons. Some do wish that there was a little more thickness to the polyester in more torrential rain, but it still does well enough for most users. This is still a good 3-season tent for many family outings.ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent

There is a tougher approach for more experienced users. Yet, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a user-friendly side to this product too. This is clear in the ease of assembly. Like many of the top brands in this guide to the best camping tents for four people, this tent has a simple system in place. It is a free-standing tent with two shock-corded fibreglass pole and integrated components. This includes the storage pockets, gear loft and two doorways with windows. This is impressive storage compared to some of the models here. It also comes with stakes and ropes for extra security. This is a great addition as there are some users that feel it isn’t quite sturdy enough without them.

6. EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 Person Tent

One thing that immediately stands out with this Eureka tent is the height. One of the problems with some of the other tents in this guide is the low center height. This means it is difficult to move around in the tent, especially with four people crammed into the smaller floorspaces. Here there is a comparable floor-space – at 8ft by 8ft – but the centre height is cabin-style at 7 feet. This means that users can stand up straight and move with ease. This height is part of a tall, attractive design that also happens to be free-standing. It is surprisingly strong for a tent not held down with guy ropes. The fiberglass frame holds up to the wind and stays firm, thanks to the pole sleeves and clips. There are also comments from users that it is pretty easy to set up- unlike some other taller models.EUREKA Copper Canyon 4 Person Tent

This resistance against the wind adds to the weatherproofing offered with the ventilation and rain resistance. There is a durable polyester on the tent and rain fly that should keep the worse of the storms out, as well as a full mesh roof for great ventilation. This ventilation also comes from the windows on the sides, which add to the view as well. The final benefit here is the large D-shape door which adds to the ease of movement and comfort for users in this well-made tent. Overall, this a great choice for families that want a larger space with plenty of security.

7. Gazelle T4 Camping Hub Tent – 4 Person

This final model in this list of the best four person camping tents is one that seems to combine many of the best features from the models above. This means an easy-to-use tent with enough space and features for a great camping experience. The first thing to look at there is the set up of this larger tent. This is one of the taller tents, like the cabin-style options above, with a floorspace of 61 square feet. Even so, there is a promise of a 90-second set-up. This isn’t much longer than the Instant Coleman tent above. This is partly due to the detachable floor and the receptor poles. The difference here is that this one takes more practice because of the size. Some also say that the “convenient” 68’’ duffle carry bag for storage could be bigger.Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop Up Portable Camping Hub Tent, 4 Person

Then there is the capacity and weatherproofing. This larger floor space does mean that it is easier to move around and store gear in this model. The addition of the gear loft in that increased head space definitely helps. There is a little more breathing room for four people, and plenty of space for a queen air mattress. As for the security and durability, there is just enough weatherproofing on the polyester and rain-fly to keep the worse of the water out. That rain fly could be a little bigger though. There are also strong zips and plenty of breathable mesh for ventilation. There are areas where the designers could improve upon this Gazelle T4, but it still ticks a lot of important boxes.