Best 3 Person Camping Tents For Couples After Some Space

Three person tents are an interesting choice because they meet a few different requirements for travelers. They fall into a nice little gap between the 4-person family tent and the 2-person tent for couples. Sometimes the 4-person tent can be a little be large for those that like backpacking and traveling light. Some couples don’t need that much floor space when a cozy area and a sleeping bag will do. Other will find that the 2-person tents are too cramped for their needs. They might have the floor space for two people, but not for the gear or the dog. These 3-person camping tents are a nice compromise. They offer a little extra room and convenience for couples that want to be as comfortable as possible.

The following seven tents are all sold as 3 person tents, either for small families, couples or solo travelers that want to stretch out. The capacity is significantly smaller than many family tents. Yet, this can also lead to a lighter weight, great ease of assembly and greater portability. These models aren’t always the toughest tents around, but some share the weatherproofing and features of larger model in their range. There is no reason why couples can’t enjoy the benefits of larger tents in this cozier environment.

7 of the Best Camping Tents With a 3 Person Capacity

3 Person Tent in the Mountains

1. Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent

Coleman is always a great brand to start with because of their popularity and quality across different ranges and capacities. The great thing about Coleman’s Sundome tents is that you are pretty much guaranteed the same specification, no matter the size. This 3 person model takes the basic features and tech of the much larger options, and then shrinks everything down into a spacious tent for couples. The major difference compared to these larger models is obviously the size. This small size, and the simple dome shape, mean that it should be easy enough to set up. The promise here is that it is up in 10 minutes and few disagree. That easy 10-minutes set-up is partly due to the use of pole sleeves for a more intuitive approach to the assembly. An added bonus here is that the storage bag for the tent is larger than many first assumed.
Sundome 3 Person TentThe capacity is to be expected here. It is better for couples and single occupants with lots of gear. In fact, there are plenty of reviews from solo travelers with their dogs. What hasn’t changed here is use of weatherproofing and the beneficial construction. The weatherproofing includes the same WeatherTec system with the welded floors and inverted seams. There is also still a waterproof rain fly in the package, and enough mesh for visibility and breathability. A few buyers would like a little more rain protection because of the size of the mesh areas and the rain fly. But, most are happy to take this out for the weekend.

2. SEMOO Large Door 3-Person Family Camping Tent

There are some bold claims with this Semoo tent right away. The full sales name talks about a 3-season, lightweight and water resistant tent. There are some clear pros and cons in the materials used in the tent. First of all, there is no doubt that this is as lightweight as advertised. The material is thin and easy to handle during set-up and disassembly. This makes it great for transportation, as it doesn’t add to much weight while traveling. The problem with this thin material is that it doesn’t have the thickness and waterproofing that many campers need. This is where that tag of “water resistant”, not water proof, is so important. This is sold as a 3 season tent because it doesn’t have the strength to handle heavy rain. Even so, the light materials, strength of the poles and the ease of set mean that it makes a great little tent for excursions in the summer.
SEMOO Large Door, 3-Person, 3-Season Lightweight Water Resistant Family Camping TentMany still feel that they are getting good value for money with this tent. It is one of the cheaper options, partly because of this material, but it still comes with enough extras to help users out. This includes the guy ropes and stakes. Understandably, there are still mixed comments on the capacity. Three people can sleep here at a squeeze, but it is is much more comfortable for couples. It measures in at 82.7 by 82.7″ by 51.2 inches, so isn’t the shortest around, but isn’t that roomy either.

3. Toogh 2 & 3 Person Camping Tent

One of the first things that stands out with the specification of this tent is the idea of an “automatic instant pop up tent”. There isn’t much else to add to that phrase to make it sound any faster. The idea here is that this goes together in 60 seconds, like some other popular instant tents on the market. Most would agree that is meets this promise with ease. Newcomers to camping, that have never set up a tent before, love this design. They have no problem with the mechanisms and didn’t need any practice before heading out to the campsite. The additional bonus here is that it comes in a choice of colors. There are lots of varieties of green for better camouflage, but there are brighter colors too.
2-3 Person Toogh Camping TentThe manufacturers of this tent are also refreshingly upfront about the capacity, stating that it can hold at least two adults. This means 2 adults comfortably, and 3 squashed in. There are some that point out that this is also the perfect capacity for 2 adults and a small child. Buyers are also happy with the weatherproofing on this tent. There are tough seals and enough weather resistance to keep out the water. There is also plenty of mesh for keeping out insects, while adding ventilation.. Unfortunately, there is some concern that the zippers and stakes are a little cheap and might not last too long. Still, it is nice to see the stakes in the box at all. There are plenty of extra here with the rain fly, stakes, wind rope and carry bag.

4. Highland Peak 3 Person Camping Tent

So far, each of those top camping tents for 3 people has some form of hook that helps it to stand out from the crowd. Another tent that does this is this Highland Peak model. The look of the tent is pretty ordinary, as are many of the basic specs. What makes this one stand out is the way that it aims to provide the most hassle free experience possible. The quick assembly process, large double doors and light weight are all a great starting point for small groups that aren’t that experienced. An interesting extra here is the inclusion of an LED light in the package. This is something this isn’t all that common with these three person tents. The idea here is that it will provide helpful illumination – either so campers can find their way back or have a reading light. It might also act as a source of comfort to the younger campers that might get afraid of the darkness and noises of the woods at night. The SOS mode can alert parents in other tents when they need assistance.
3 Person Camping Tent By Highland PeakThis kid-friendly tent has the right dimensions for a comfortable night for two siblings, at 82.3’’ by 71’’ and with a center height of 53’’. Still, it also has the strength and waterproofing that buyers expect in a tougher model. There is a good rain fly, a handy vestibule for muddy boots and gear and two ventilation flaps. This should add to the comfort for a great trip over most seasons.

5. Naturehike Cloud-Up 3 Person Backpacking Tent

The key word that sells this model to campers straight away is the ideal of an “ultralight” backpacking tent. Those that are on the move, and setting up a tent each night, need something that is easy to assemble and disassemble, but also something light enough to be portable. This model weighs just 5.72lbs when everything is packed up, so doesn’t add to much weight to the kit. It also folds down pretty small for even greater portability. This light weight is partly due to the use of aluminum poles rather than fiberglass. Despite the light weight, this is still designed as a tough, 4 season model. There is a strong waterproof coating on the fabric that keeps out the majority of the rain. There is also a 3000mm 210T polyester fly and fully taped seams.
Naturehike Cloud-Up 3 Person 4 Season Ultralight Backpacking TentThis Cloud-Up backpackers tent from Naturehike is also appealing because of the ease of assembly. As with most tents of this size, there is a simple dome structure with minimal framing and components. In fact, there is just one pole in this model, and the stability comes with the four fixed ropes and additional tent stakes. The idea here is that this pop-up model is ideal for all those single occupants that have no experience. This ease of use continues with the bag that is attached to the canvas. This acts as a great storage solution for small, personal items.

6. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 3-Person Tent

There are backpacking tents, like the one above, where users appreciate the light weight and simple set up for a longer trek in the wilderness. Then there are the mountaineering tents, which immediately conjure up images of tough dwelling on more remote, exposed campsites. The first difference between this Alps Zephyr model and the one above is the weight. This is not an ultralight option – despite only having two aluminum poles. There are some buyers that point out the heavy weight of this model. This makes it more difficult to carry to see, but offers confidence in its quality.
ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 3-Person TentIn fact, there are are plenty of users that talk about the great value offered with this model. The price point here isn’t that high, but the materials and performance offer a sense of high quality that some hadn’t expected. The material on the tent is strong enough to repeal the water for great weatherproofing. This is found in the sleeping area and the additional vestibules for storage. There is also UV resistance for extra protection. Then there is the fact that this good value bundle provides a number of extra features. It comes with the guy ropes and stakes for extra stability, as well as a gear loft and mesh pockets for storage. That mesh continues on the two doors for added ventilation. Overall, this is a tent that provides everything that most mountaineering campers will require, with the ease of use that will appeal to first timers.

7. MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent

The final tent to consider in this list of the best camping tents for three people is one that actually classes itself as a family tent. Many of these models are used as spacious options for solo travelers or more convenient models for couples. Family tent suggests something more spacious. This is actually the case here. There is a floor space within the sleeping area of 7ft by 6ft. While this isn’t that much bigger than some other 3 person tents, this space is purely designed for sleeping. This means two adults and a child can sleep here with ease. All the gear stores away nicely in the vestibule. This addition area offers an extra 3ft of space to keep muddy gear and other items separate from the sleeping bags.
MoKo Waterproof Family Camping TentThis vestibule, as well as the main sleeping area, provides just enough waterproofing for a comfortable camping trip. The materials and components are also strong enough to hold up to the worst weather, should families can caught out. There is a 2500mm flysheet and 5000mm floor to prevent leaks, plenty of mesh for ventilation in the warmer months and 8.5mm fiberglass poles for strength against the wind. This adds to the protection and ensure that this family tent is reliable enough for young families on their first trip. There is also the additional promise that all fabrics are fire retardant. This should be something that occurs as standard, but the ways that it is highlighted, emphasizes the sense that MoKo respect the concerns and safety of their buyers.