Best 2 Person Camping Tents For Festivals, Backpacking and Weekends

A two person tent can be a great little getaway for couples and solo travelers. This is the most compact, convenient way to provide shelter, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t the same features and quality elements as found in larger tents. The best two person tents are just as secure as their larger cousins. Many are free standing, and many come with additional stakes and lines. They are also just as likely to have the weatherproofing and ventilation that occupants requires. The designs are often a little more simplistic – with a lot of pop-up domes. But, they are easy to assemble and disassemble for greater ease of use.

One of the most important things to consider with these tents is the occupant. There are different tents that appeal to buyers for different reasons. Some have broad appeal, while others are a little more niche. The first market is the solo traveler, the backpacker traveling through the country with as little as possible. Then there are the couples looking for a cozy dwelling for a weekend away. Others like to buy these models for kids, as something a little better than a typical play tent. Then there are the teenagers that need something fun and hassle-free for a music festival. The following models are seven of the best camping tents for 2 people. They cover these different focuses, while providing many of the great features mentioned above.

7 Top Camping, Festival and Backpacker Tents for Two People

Father and Son Camping Trip

1. Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

There are lots of Sundome tent models available depending on the size of the party. Larger groups can find a roomy version with enough space beneath the dome structure. Couples and solo travelers can turn to the smaller options. The smallest is the 2 person Sundome. The floor space is minimal here at 7ft by 5ft. This doesn’t offer many sleeping configurations, so it really is best for solo use or as as kids tent. There is also a short center height of just 4ft, so adult occupants don’t have too much room to move, but kids can get in and out with ease.Sundome 2 Person TentEven so, this is still a cosy option for the right user. This is largely down to the fact that Coleman have equipped this tent with the same high-end features as seen on the other Sundome tents. This includes the weatherproofing and the ease of assembly. As with many of these dome pop-up tents, this should go up and be secure in around 10 minutes. Most users find that it is easy the handle – both in the assembly and disassembly process. The WeatherTec system means strong seams, a decent rain fly and welded floors to keep out the worse of the weather. There are always going to be a few comments about leaks in torrential rain, but it holds up pretty well. It is tougher and more resistant than some of the other small tents that aren’t as well suited to camping.

2. CHILLBO CABBINS Best 2 Person Tent

One such model that fits this bill of not well suited for camping is this Chillbo Cabbins model. The name of the brand is a bit of a giveaway about the type of company that buyers are dealing with here. This is the “cool” tent that attracts attention and short term interest, not one for regular trips into the wilderness. It is sold as the ultimate in holiday camping gear, and the perfect choice for music festivals and car camping. This is because the immediate appeal is all about the fun involved. There are lots of choices of bright colors and patterns – so you can find your tent in a crowd. Those rainbow colors and psychedelic prints would be out of place on an exposed mountainside. It is also designed to set up and come down in minutes, which is perfect for inexperienced teens at their first festival, and has handy internal pockets.
CHILLBO CABBINS Best 2 Person TentThere is a clear sense that this too weak and flimsy for long term used in the wilderness. It promises 2000mm waterproofing on the canvas, with sealed seams, a cover on the entryway and great no-see-um mesh to keep put any insects. It does just enough with this protection, but isn’t strong enough to handle a downpour. Even so, it suits its purpose pretty well and captures the attention of its niche audience. This is a great tent to set up for a couple of days in a festival field in the summer.

3. CCTRO 2 Person Camping Tent

The model above may not be up to handling the needs of the most experienced campers, but there are others that are sold as a backpacking tent. This CCTRO option is one such model. The main selling point here is the ease of use in the set-up, entry and transportation between sites. This all means that users can pitch up and disassemble as many times as they need to across the trip. There are dual doors, so users don’t have to clamber over each other, and two zippers. It also comes with a good sized bag so it can all pack up with ease for the trip between sites. In addition to this, it has a decent enough capacity inside for two people – or one person with a lot of gear. The tent measures 72.8x 55.1x 43.3 inches, which is reasonable for a 2 person model.
CCTRO 2 Person Camping TentThe other aspect of this tent that makes it so appealing is that it was clearly built for all-weathers. There is no doubt that it can handle hot summer days as well as some spring showers. There should be enough ventilation with the mesh – which also acts as protection from the insects. On wetter days, users can enjoy the protection of the 190T PU rain fly, waterproof floor and fully taped seams. Finally, there is the strength in the wind, with the sturdy 8.5mm fiberglass poles, additional tent pegs and wind rope. This should be secure enough for most situations.

4. Kelty 2 Person Venture Tent

Clearly some two person tents are better made than others. There are those that use flimsier materials and focus on style, like the festival tent, and then there are the more rugged backpacking tents. This Kelty Venture tent falls somewhere in the middle. It is a little bit cheap and heavy in places for a camping tent for backpacking. The packed weight is classes as 5 lbs. 2 oz, which is just a little too much for some. It a little heavier than some has expected because of the use of fiberglass poles, rather than aluminum.
Kelty 2 Person Venture TentThe clear benefit of fiberglass is that this adds a little more strength in this area, which is ideal on windier day. However, some feel that the durability diminishes a little with the thinner fabric. There are definite pros and cons on both sides. This could have either been a much lighter tent, with weaker poles, or a much tougher tent, with a heavier canvas. Instead, the designers have found a middle ground that might keep more people happy. In addition to this, the capacity and set up is just right for those on the move. The tent measures 88 x 54 x 43 inches, which means a fairly typical length and height for the capacity. There is also the use of the wide D door and internal storage pockets, for greater home comforts. Others appreciate the protection with the rainfly and taped seams.

5. Kelty Salida Tent

It is interesting to compare this Kelty model with the one above. It doesn’t look a whole lot different on first impressions, as the shape is similar from the outside. However, this tent is an award winner that has gained a lot of praise for its comfort and features. The biggest difference here is the use of a 10ft squared vestibule area. This is a great addition as it provides new storage options that the other Kelty model lacked. Users can keep their wet, muddy gear here and enjoy the cabin area for a cosier sleeping environment. This is perfect for bags and shoes, while other gear and personal items are stored within the internal pockets or with the gear loft loops. This adds a sense of convenience and organization for those that are frequent campers and backpackers. The color coded clips and fly attachment for assembly are a nice touch too.
Kelty Salida TentIn fact, this Salida model is sold as an “advanced 3-season backcountry” model, which suggests great comfort and protection in most situations and weather conditions. User feedback claims that this model is more comfortable, lighter and also more durable than the one above. This lighter weight is clearly important with the weight issues above. It also folds down small into a backpack-friendly shape thanks to the folding poles. This increases the portability. There is still some debate in the true capacity, with some saying it is more of a spacious solo occupant tent then one for couples. Still, it offers a sense of comfort and reliability that others lack.

6. TETON Sports 2 person Mountain Ultra Tent

The dimensions of these top camping tents for two people are often pretty similar. We get a small but cosy abode with a simple shape and low height. The same is true here with dimensions of 82.5x63x45 inches. However, there is the selling point of all the mesh around this tent. This might make it a little feel a little less closed in, with a great view and added ventilation. There may be a lot of this durable micro mesh fabric, but there is also plenty of weatherproofing. There is a waterproof bath tub floor, 150D oxford canvas for rain resistance and a rain fly. This means that this tent should suit different climates and seasons pretty well.
TETON Sports Mountain Ultra TentThe other major selling point here with this Teton Ultra tent is the purpose. While some of the models above are a little vague on their capacity and intended occupant – such as the one above – this is clearly for solo backpackers. A couple could probably squeeze in and have a great time, but the features are built with single travelers in mind. The obvious example here is the promise of single person set up. They want to reassure people that they will manage alone with no problem. This is due to the fact that there are only 3 poles in this tent. It is also sold as being lightweight and portable. Like many of these top two person camping tents, it packs down into a neat package for transportation between sites.

7. Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent

This final model is one that really tries to appeal to as many people as possible. There is a sense from the quality, and talk of three seasons, that this is for the experienced camper. Yet, there are also plenty of additional elements that are perfect for newcomers. It rides a line between high-end and beginner tent. This means that there is appeal for backpackers, inexperienced couples and even parents looking for a good kids tent. The first benefit here is the capacity and use of space. The 35 square foot floor space in the sleeping area should be enough for solo travelers and couples alike. The 17 square foot vestibule is ideal for storing gear – as is the additional gear loft. This loft is removable, which is a nice added touch.
Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season TentThis detail is one of many that show the considerations made for less experienced users. There are lots of little features like this, from the mesh storage pockets to the instructions printed on the carry bag. Newcomers will also appreciate the safety in the reflective guy lines, the simple system of the poles, the light weight for portability and the extra door. This is definitely a great tent for those that want a little more peace of mind and room to breathe. The windows help with that too. This might be a bit much for backpackers, but will be a great home from home for couples and adventurous kids.