Best 10 Person Camping Tents for Large Groups in Need of Space

10 person tents can seem like a bit of an extravagance. Some of these tents look more like small canvas dwellings than a basic place to spend the night. However, there will be some instances where a tent for 10 people is the only choice for the camping trip. There are different reasons to opt for a 10 person tent. Some will want to squeeze large groups of friends into one cozy space during a camping trip, festival or other retreat. Some people will have a desire for a little more luxury during a hunting or fishing trip with friends. Why cram 6 people and all that gear into an 8 person tent? Then there are the larger families after a little more breathing space and privacy.Camping Fire

The best 10 person camping tents should be able to cater to most of these needs. They should have the capacity and room dividers to suit the arrangements of larger parties. They should have the storage space and other features for special hunting and festival trips. They should also have the strength and weatherproofing for piece of mind over the trip. The following models are some of the best camping tents for ten people. They share some of the best features and benefits – and some are also surprisingly easy to put up.

Best 10 Person Tents That Accommodate Families and Their Camping Gear

1. CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

This Core 10 person tent is a great place to start this list of the best camping tents for 10 people. For a start, this is one of the more popular and respected names in camping tents. Secondly, this is a pretty attractive family tent with its grey and orange panels. Then there is the capacity. Users agree that this is a spacious tent, with enough room for either 10 sleeping bags or two queen airbeds. There is also the benefit of that high 86’’ centre height, for ease of movement and an extra entrance at the back. This means that guests aren’t all clambering through the same door. There is a lot to this tent, with all the parts and extra features. This include the additional electrical cord access port, gear loft and lantern hook. As a result, there are some that feel that this is a little tricky to put together. CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin TentBuy From Amazon

Most families soon get the hang of things, but it might be worth having a test run at home. Thankfully, there is an expandable carry bag for disassembly. Another benefit to this well-designed tent is the clever use of weatherproofing throughout. Core tents tend to use H20 Block Technology throughout the range, and it is no different here. This is built to keep the rain out, even in heavier showers. The additional rain fly helps here too. On warmer days, users can enjoy the breathability of the material and the use of the adjustable ground vents.

2. Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person 3-Season Family Camping Tent

Capacity is clearly very important with all these tents. They all say that they can handle a large group of 10 people, but some do so more easily than others. This Tahoe Gear camping tent is definitely one of the ones that doesn’t hold back on the space. There are many happy users that find this to be roomy and enjoyable. There is enough room for larger groups in sleeping bags, but also families on air beds. This increases the potential of this tent for different needs. It is classed as a family tent, but there is no reason why it couldn’t also be used as a hunting or fishing tent. The added bonus with this large tent is that it is also pretty easy to put up and take back down. This model uses shock-corded poles and a pin-and-ring system to reduce the assembly time. There is also a carry bag to store everything in – although this could be a little larger.Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person 3-Season Family Camping Tent

Then there is the idea that this Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person 3-Season Family Camping Tent is a three-season tent – which is also appealing for those hunting and fishing groups in the wilderness. There is plenty of weatherproofing here to make sure everyone is comfortable. There is 1200mm polyester with a PU binding on both the tent itself, and the accompanying rain fly. It has also proven to be strong and capable in high winds, as well as cool and well-ventilated in hotter conditions.

3. Wenzel Great Basin Tent – 10 Person

Many of these tents are built to handle bad weather wind and rough treatment. But some are stronger than others. There are some that would say that this Wenzel 10 person tent is a little weaker than some of the other options in this list of best camping tents for 10 people. There are some reports of breakages with the poles and other damage. Yet, there is still flexibility to those fibreglass poles – which is important in the wind – and weatherproofing in the rain fly. There is also plenty of ventilation for the large group inside, with four mesh windows and three mesh roof vents.Wenzel Pine Ridge 10 Person TentThis is important because this Wenzel Great Basin 10 person Camping Tent is another product that lives up to promises over the capacity. This tent has enough space for 10 people, but is more comfortable for slightly smaller groups. The floorspace is a little larger here because users don’t need to leave room for all their gear. Instead there are some convenient storage solutions with the hanging pockets and gear loft. There is also the bonus of the room diver for privacy, as well as a storage bag for the tent, poles, rain fly and stakes. Most users are happy to spend long periods in this simple tent and do so in comfort. The design provides opportunities for sort of groups and purposes.

4. Ozrak 10 Person – 2 Room Family Tent.

The capacity of this tent is open to a little debate. It all depends on the size, purpose and the familiarity of the group using it. This is partly sold as 10 person tent, where ten people could fit inside in sleeping bags. This is great for large group of teenagers on a no-thrills trip. Then there is the idea that this is a two room family tent with two distinct sleeping quarters. This is where this tent suits two queen sized airbeds, with a little room to spare. Either way, users appreciate the large capacity – at 14ft long and 86’’ high. They also like the impressive weatherproofing. This camping tent uses tough coating on the canvas and rain fly, as well as strong seals and a 6’’ tub floor.Ozrak 10 Person - 2 Room Family TentIt definitely seems as though this tent comes with everything that users expect from a modern, non-primitive tent. This is clear from the kit included for assembly, right down to the electrical cord access port. This port means easy access to power for mobile devices on those wetter days – depending on the campsite of course. This, along with the large gear loft, should keep large groups from getting frustrated with each other. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the assembly process. There are some family groups that would prefer a better set of instructions for this unwieldy tent and its parts. But, it does help that it comes with its own carry bag and tent stakes.

5. Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping with Carry Bag, 2 Rooms

Weatherproofing is a little more of an issue with this model. There are some nice weatherproofing elements mentioned in the specification to draw people in. This includes the use of the PU coating on the 190T polyester, the apparent strength of the frame and the guy ropes included in the package. Yet, there is a warning from the makers that this is not a four season tent. Instead, they recommend this for the beach on warmer days. It probably wont handle a big downpour in the wilderness. But, it can offer plenty of ventilation on a hot summers day with all the mesh. There are five windows and a mesh panel at the top of the tent. This top panel is designed for cross ventilation to increase the comfort over the two rooms.Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping with Carry Bag, 2 RoomsThis tent is also a little smaller than some of the other camping tents for 10 people mentioned here. Even so, this is still a comfortable space for families on short trips. This can still handle 10 people, in sleeping bags, but there isn’t much room to spare. This is arguably better used as a two room tent for smaller families. The room divider makes it easy for kids and adults to enjoy their privacy. There is also the benefit of the large D-shaped door on the front and a carry bag when packing everything away again. There should be enough space inside for the tent, flysheet and all those extra ropes and stakes.

6. NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person

The first thing that is obvious with this final tent is how large it is. This is sold as being for groups of up to 12 people, thanks to the large capacity. This will depend on the arrangements – and people – but there are many that say that this is pretty roomy. There is a 6.9ft height and a detachable room divider. The tough design and build with this spacious model is also clear from the weatherproofing across the tent. There is a bathtub-style floor and strong seals across the construction, which should keep everyone nice and dry. There is also a full coverage, 190T polyester rain fly to keep off the worst of the downpour. User feel that they are pretty well protected against all the elements, as the strong fibreglass rods should be able to stand up to any heavy gales.NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person XL Camping TentThere is a lot about this NTK Super Arizona tent that suggests that it should be pretty user-friendly for all those enjoying a trip away. There are some nice additional features to the design that should appeal to large number of users, such as the gear loft and storage – which keep belongings and fishing gear out the way – and the pin-and-ring system for assembly. The only problem here is that this tent has an annoying design on the windows. The windows are large and bright, with the no-see-um mesh for bug control and breathability. But, they also open from the outside. At lease the large D-doors – which matching bug-proof mesh – are easier to use.