Camping is a fun experience for groups of families and friends, that is as long as they have the appropriate living space. Capacity is an important selling point with any tent. There has to be just the right amount of room for everyone, without the tent getting too large and cumbersome. This means a tent that is easy to pack and set up, that still has enough space for the beds and gear of all occupants. This can be a problem when looking for the best camping tents online. Each tent has a clear capacity attached, such as 6-person or 10-person. Yet, this can vary. 10 people may be able to sleep in one in small sleeping bags in close proximity. Once users start adding cots and air bed, the user capacity decreases.Family Relaxing By Camping Tent

Best Family Camping Tents

In this guide to some of the best tents around today, we will look at some of the best product by capacity. This means starting with 6-person tents for small families, and ending with 10 man and 14 person tents where larger groups can share a space. These tents come in different shapes and sizes, from domes to cabins and other odd shapes in between. They often have multiple features for the protection and comfort of users, as well as some interesting extras for convenience. The following product reviews will cover the capacity, weatherproofing, ease of use and any other quirks that campers may appreciate.

Tents Designed to Suit Groups of 6 Persons and Under

The first set of tents to look at here are a series of 6 person domed tents. A nice capacity for a small family with just enough space to get by. These 6-person domes should be easier to handle and pack away that some larger models. Two of the following come from Coleman – a brand we will see a lot of across this list.

1. Johnson CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

This Core 6-person tent is an attractive tent that looks pretty compact and convenient for the capacity. The truth is that this will sleep 6 well-acquainted people in sleeping bags and four via two queen air mattresses. It all depends on how much campers value comfort. This definitely seems to be an important principle with this tent. This is clear with the height of 72’’ in the center, the amount of ventilation provided by the ground vent and H20 Block, as well as some of the other interesting features. There is a loft area for the gear that includes designated hooks and pockets for a little organization. There is also an electrical cord access point for those on less primitive campsites.CORE 6 Person Dome TentBuy From AmazonThere is a strange contrast with this Johnson CORE 6 Person Dome Tent where there is high praise for the consideration in the attention to detail, yet criticism for poor materials. There is a general sense here that this is a value for money option. It does its job pretty well in regard to the space and convenient sleeping arrangements. Yet, there is a problem with both the poles and the rain fly. Some feel that the poles are of poor quality – reflecting the price paid – and a little heavy. The rain fly is a little large and cumbersome. Still, there are many campers that feel that this model is a complete bargain for the price paid.

2. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent – 6 Persons

The problem with 6-person tents is that they can sound a lot more spacious than is actually the case. This is a problem that some encounter with the two Coleman models in this 6-person range. The first is this Evanston tent. There are pros and cons to the space here. The design has a main dome-style part and an attached, screened room. There isn’t much height to this “porch” area, at only 68 inches, but there is plenty of room for gear. This leaves the larger 90 square feet cabin area for sleeping. There are some groups that will squeeze in 6 people, but it is more comfortable for smaller groups.Coleman Evanston Screened Tent 6 PerosnBuy From AmazonThe comfort of this tent also comes from the weatherproofing. There is plenty of great rain and windproofing on the main cabin area. Users can sleep soundly here with little problem. However, the mesh across the vestibule means that water can pool here. This means that it shouldn’t be used to store expensive equipment in bad weather. It should also be noted that this is not a freestanding tent, like many of the other models in the larger capacity categories. This means that it should be easy enough for newcomers to set up and take down. Overall, this is a pretty good starting point for those that are new to camping and want to try it out with their young family.

3. Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

Again, there is some dispute about the true capacity of this model. It is sold as being a “compact, yet spacious tent”, so users can’t expect to fit too many people in. There is enough room here for two queen air beds and six sleeping bags. The convenience continues with the simplicity of the set up and the use of storage pockets inside. This helps family member to create their own personal living space. The assembly is quick thanks to the pole sleeves, simple parts and Insta-Clip suspension. There is also a well designed carry bag that has an expandable capacity and rip strip. This means it is easy enough to pack everything up at the end of the trip.Sundome 6 Person TentBuy From AmazonThere are also some mixed comments in regard to the weatherproofing. There are many that say that it kept the family nice and dry during the bad weather, but could do with better ventilation. This suggests that this is not a 4-seasons tent, and one more for the spring or fall. There is a reliable WeatherTec system here, with the tub floor, protected seams and good rain fly. There is also the promise that it can withstand 35mph winds because of the strong construction. Unfortunately, the single ground vent and two windows aren’t quite enough. Even so, this is still a great choice for small families that are out for a simple weekend away. There is nothing too flashy or intimidating for new users.

Tents for Those Larger Families up to 8 People

Now we come to some larger models that take on a few different shapes and sizes. There is a little more room to move here – especially in the cabin models. Here we have a variety of names and styles with some interesting features to improve the user experience. There are also models across a broad price range.

4. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

This Kodiak 8-person tent is the only one from this brand in this guide, but it is still a great example. In regard to the look and style, this is about as simplistic as you can get. There are no sleek lines or bright colours here to tempt families in. instead, the white 100% cotton duck canvas and green doors blend in quite well. This shows that this is much more about hunting and fishing trips for experienced campers, rather than simple family trips. There is just enough room for six hunters here, and a 6ft 6’’ ceiling height. Then there is the added benefit of the “no-see-um” mesh for privacy and protection from bugs.Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person TentBuy From AmazonThe key selling point here is the comfort in all-weathers. This is the sort of tent that experienced campers can use with ease in less favorable times of the year. There is a strong Hydra-shield protection on the canvas that makes it weatherproof in bad weather. There is also a large awning to keep the rain away from the large D-shaped doors. In addition to this, there are also two tunnel-flow vents for ventilation in the warmer months. There is also the use of the Flex-bow frame to add strength and flexibility in high winds. Most users should find that this is a secure, comfortable hideout that they can bring out again and again.

5. Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8-Person Cabin Tent with Closet

There is one aspect of this Coleman Tenaya Tent that immediately stands out to all those looking for a convenient option for the family. This is a large 8-person cabin tent. Yet, it also classes as a fast pitch tent. Fast Pitch isn’t the same as pop up, as there is some work involved. Still, the process is much faster than that of many other cabin tents. This model uses pre-attached top poles, that are also colour-coded, to reduce time. The promise is that this is 55% faster than other Coleman tents, such as the one below. This is impressive for a tent that is pretty large and spacious. It holds large groups with ease, or small families in greater comfort. There is room to stand and move, with space for two queen air beds and a room divider.Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin Tent 8 PersonBuy From AmazonThe other selling point with this Coleman Tenaya Tent is that additional closet area that sticks out the side. This part isn’t as impressive as some of the other features that are available. It is a little flimsy and doesn’t offer that much space. Still, it is a nice little added convenience that could help to free up a little space. It does include a hanger bar – although it doesn’t always stay put. Other features that can help users include the reflective guy lines and bright trims for visibility, the weatherproofing on the seams and rain fly and the hinged door.

6. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

There are a lot of similarities between this Coleman 8-person tent and the porched one above. There are shared elements in the design, such as that split between the screened porch and the cabin sleeping area. This time there is more space to move, so it a little more suitable for that 6-person family or hunting party. There is a 10ft by 9ft cabin space, which isn’t that much larger, and a center height of 5ft8’’, which could be taller. Again, that porch area is a great storage area for gear, with the 10ft by 5ft space, but lacks waterproofing with all that mesh screening. The weatherproofing is still adequate otherwise, with awnings on the windows and durability in the polyguard canvas. Again, some may be a little disappointed with the ventilation, but are sure to remain secure and dry.Coleman Montana 8-Person TentBuy From AmazonMuch like the other Coleman tents in this guide, this is very simple to set up and take down in most situations. There is a fast pitch system in operation here, with pre attached poles and simple feet. Still, it is not freestanding and does require ties and guy lines. The added benefit here is that it has Illumiline reflective guy lines for improved visibility at night. At the end of the trip, campers can use the bag for easy storage. Once again, this is an expandable carry bag with a handy little rip strip.

7. Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

There are some clear pros and cons in the set up of this Browning Big Horn tent. There is the sense that this is really easy to put together, which is a blessing for all those new to camping. However, there are also some critical comments from users regarding the quality of some of the components. The specification for this tent talk about the use of the strong fibreglass poll and uprights. This is meant to provide plenty of support and security for users, especially in high winds. However, some find that they are a little flimsy, and might not have the durability and longevity that some expect. Elsewhere, there is still praise for the weatherproofing and security here. There is a large polyester fly, good seals and plenty of ventilation in warmer weather.Browning Camping Big Horn Family Hunting TentBuy From AmazonAs for the capacity of this tent, there are some great elements to the design to support that 8-person capacity. There is plenty of room to sleep and move – with the 15ft length and 87’’ height – but this does depend on how close party members are willing to get. Smaller parties will appreciate the space and wall divider down the middle. Those using it for its intended purpose, as a hunting and fishing tent, will also like the view from the windows and the handy storage pockets. This is a neat approach for small fishing trips where comfort is essential.

8. Amazon Basic 8-Person Tent

The Amazon Basics 8 person tent does pretty much what you would expect from the name. There is a simplicity to this model that is important for those that don’t want anything too flashy. It is a cheap way to find an accessible tent for a larger group. Amazon claim that it is large enough for up to 8 campers, with a 6ft height in the centre. However, it will all depend on how they all wish to sleep. Once there is talk of air mattresses, that number will decrease. The accessibility for newcomers also comes from the ease of use in setting it up. It isn’t too hard for newcomers to manage. This is partly down to the instructions, use of shock-corded poles and the separate storage compartments for the parts.AmazonBasics Tent 8 PersonBuy From AmazonThe problem with this basic, cheaper model is the use of materials. This tent is made from 100% polyester, and isn’t that thick or durable. This means that it is possible to rip and tear the structure. This is a bit of a problem for newcomers that aren’t used to the system with the poles, or those that set this up in bad weather. Even so, there are still plenty of positive comments from users about the weatherproofing on this tent. This tent has an additional rain fly, which is pretty effective in the worst weather, as well as a variable ventilation system for when it gets a little warmer.

Tents Designed for 9 People – for a Little More Space

Here we have some models that aren’t quite large enough to be considered 10 person tents, unless people want to squeeze in. still, they are a little more spacious than some of the 8 person ones. Again there are some interesting features and mechanisms with these larger tents. Some are a little less about primitive camping, while other are ready for all weathers.

9. Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent

It makes sense to start this section on 9-person tents with another model from Coleman, as they have such a diverse range across this guide. In many ways, this spacious Prarie Breeze tent looks like the perfect model for all those that want to relax in something a little taller. The 7ft centre height means that most users should be able to stand and walk around with ease. The 14ft length also means that there should be enough room for the whole family. The main issue here is that this height lessens the security and stability of this tent. The higher they get, the more there is for the wind to push against – especially with cabin tents. Still, there are those that find that this is simple to set up. This gives them a fighting chance against the wind.Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin TentBuy From AmazonThe added benefit here is that this tent is still pretty strong and weatherproof, so does hold its own in moderately bad weather. There is a large rain fly and tough welded seams to keep the worst of the rain out. This is important when one of the selling points includes a LED-lit fan system. It may be battery operated, but users still want to avoid water damage. This odd extra plays into the idea that this “Prairie Breeze” Tent is a “comfortable wilderness residence”, as the company claim. This is somewhere that families can retreat to in the spring for a nice weekend away. The small annoyance of some noisy zippers doesn’t really detract from this experience too much.

10. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The next two models are both from the CORE Equipment brand, with two different takes on the capacity and design. The first is the Instant Cabin Tent. This model is tall, boxy looking option with a long length and 78’’ centre height. This means that the set-up of this tent is pretty surprising. This is called an Instant Cabin because of the promise of a 60 second set up. The idea is that it pops up and users can then set the rain fly and stakes in no time at all. Some say 2 minutes is more realistic, but this is still pretty quick.CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin TentBuy From AmazonThe use of green and grey on the canvas means that it is perfect for the great outdoors. This is also true with the use of the CORE H20 Block Technology, for rainproofing, and the adjustable ground vent. Yet, there are aspects of this model that make it ideal for less primitive campsites. There are some creature comforts at play here that will appeal to families. This includes the electrical cord access point, the storage pockets on the walls and the room divider. This all means that this is more of a large cabin for families that want to stretch out, rather than something for groups of nine. Evens so, a close group of 9 would still enjoy the space in different conditions.

11. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

The second model in this 9-person capacity from CORE equipment is their extended dome. Dome tents are highly popular with first time campers, and this one should offer the capacity and features required. Much like the model above, this is a stylish looking tent that looks good on the campsite. This 9-person tent has more than enough space for 9 people in sleeping bags, thanks to the large 16ft by 9ft floor space. This also means room for 3 queen air mattresses for smaller groups. An interesting bonus with this large space is the use of the gear loft and other storage compartments. This allows for improved organization during the trip, and more room to move on the floor. This also doesn’t reduce the headroom too much either.CORE 9 Person Extended Dome TentBuy From AmazonThe weatherproof is also promising for those that head out of town in wetter months. Again, there is that H20 Block Tech that ensures that the canvas is as waterproof as possible. There are also strong seals on the doors and seams, as well as a fully taped rain fly. In warmer months, users appreciate the use of the ground vents and mesh windows. This one won’t go up quite as fast as the Instant Cabin model above. Still, most find that the assembly process is simple enough and have it ready in around 10 to 15 minutes. The carry bag also helps when taking it all down again. The biggest annoyance seems to come with the design of the door, and the use of the zipper.

12. Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 15 Foot Sport Camping Waterproof Tent

The name GT here stands for Gran Turismo, which works well with that idea of a well-designed, sporty model. The aim here was to create a tent that could survive the Amazon weather – so there are high hopes for all those that are out in a more gentle, cooler forest setting. There is protection from wet conditions with the 8’’ bathtub seam less flooring and the large rainfly. There is also the promise of great ventilation with extended mesh on the main window and door, as well as vents around the cabin. This all leads to a pretty comfortable experience inside this large tent. They hedge their bets a little on the capacity by stating 8-9 people. 9 can easily fit in sleeping bags.NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping TentBuy From AmazonThe biggest issue with this model comes in the disassembly. This is a tough, well-made tent. It uses Nano-flex fibreglass poles to stand up to strong winds and gold plated ferroles for extra rust resistance. Once it is up and assembled, it should be a secure, comfortable environment for large families and small hunting groups. The problem comes when it is time to take it all back down again. It is a good job that the poles are tough, because it takes a little rough handling to get everything back down and into its carry bag. Most would still agree that it is worth the effort however, because of the experience and protection during the trip.

Some Large, User-Friendly Tents for 10 Persons and Larger Groups

Once we get up to the 10-person tents we really get to those models that have the capacity and features that larger groups need. Some of these models are impressively large and spacious inside. Still, there can be some assembly issues and packing problems at this end of the scale.

13. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent

This Coleman tent essentially takes make of the best bits from their top models seen so far, and adds them to a larger model – this includes the use of the hinged door, rather than the noisy zippers, the WeatherTec system and the easy set up. There is also a separate back door with a zip, for greater ease of access. The assembly is surprisingly straightforward for such a large tent. This is a 17ft long cabin-style tent with a 6ft.8’’ height. The use of the colour-coding and simple pole sleeves help to get newcomers started. The space is also impressive as there is plenty of room for different configurations. Many should be able to add 3 queen air beds – for a more comfortable set-up – or plenty of sleeping bags.Coleman WeatherMasterBuy From AmazonThere are some that feel that this weatherproofing could be a little bit stronger, which suggests that this is more of a model for fair weather than for in winter. Still, the welded floor and strong seams should keep the worst of the weather out. There is a Polyester taffeta with a 450mm PU coating, but perhaps it could be a little thicker. Others are a little disappointed with some of the extras that come with the tent. The poles are great, and the tent goes up with ease. However, this is not a freestanding tent, and the additional stakes and ties are a little flimsy.

14. Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Persons

The shape of this Mountain Trails Tent means that it doesn’t look like the roomiest of models. Yet, that is precisely what users claim that it is. There are some that are more than happy with the headroom in the centre, and many larger families have no trouble with the sleeping arrangements. The capacity here, as with any other tent in this guide, depends upon the beds used. There are some that are convinced that 10 people could sleep here in bags. Others say it is more of a 6-person tent with occupants on an air mattress. There is also the nice bonus of the room divider, so kids can feel that they have their own space.Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person TentBuy From AmazonEither way, this seems to be a comfortable, accessible arrangement for some camping families with a little less experience. The weatherproofing definitely helps here. The canvas and seams appear to be pretty watertight. There is also plenty of mesh for ventilation. The mixed comments with this tent come with the assembly and disassembly of the product. There are some that say that it is pretty easy to set up. There are inexperienced users that can have this up and secure in little time at all. The problem comes at the end of the trip, as users are left with lots of tent pieces, and no bag to put them in. This is an unfortunate oversight by the company.

15. Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

This Ozark model is an oddly attractive option for its size. It has a nice, sleek design with three adjoining rooms. It also helps that it comes in a variety of colour options. The turquoise and grey is particularly appealing out in the wilderness. It may be smart, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t up for a good weekend in the woods. There is a large rain fly with adequate weatherproofing and enough ventilation with the mesh. These large mesh windows work around the tent so each room has a great view. However, there are some warning from users about the quality of the poles. This isn’t a heavy duty tent for regular use. Instead this is best used on special occasions.Ozark Trail Family Cabin TentBuy From AmazonThere are some questions over the suitability of this tent as a 10-person option. While it is true that ten people probably could fit with the right configuration of sleeping bags, this is actually designed for smaller families. This is clear from the fact that it even comes with a queen and twin air mattress. This is quite unusual, as most families have to supply their own. It is a nice bonus for families that are completely new to camping and want as much as possible in one package. There are dividers on the three rooms for privacy, as well as separate entrances. This means that two couples sharing a tent can have a little separation where needed.

A Tent Where a 10 Person Capacity Isn’t Quite Enough

There are some models that promise to go a little further than a typical 10-person tent with some extra room. These 11-person tents are a little bigger and this could have one of two benefits for campers. It could give smaller groups a little more space to store gear, or it could guarantee room for those 10 campers that struggled in a cosier 10-person tent.

16. CORE 11 Person Cabin Tent

The selling point with this tent is clear straight away from the photos. Not only is this classed as a large model for 11 adults (providing they have sleeping bags), there are two very distinctive rooms. The first room is the screen room. This section has mesh all around for great views and ventilation. This means sleeping beneath the stars and clear sunrises on nicer days. The mesh and adjustable vents should ensure that it is cool and comfortable. There is also a weatherproof rain fly and water resistant canvas in case of rain. Most are happy enough with the weatherproofing in light rain.CORE 11 Person Cabin Tent with Screen RoomBuy From AmazonThere is the definite sense here that this is a model for couples rather than 11-person groups. Couples that want a luxury break can sleep in the closed cabin – which measures 12ftx10ft – and use the first section more like a living area. There are some great user photos of couples with large queen-sized air mattresses in the cabin, with plenty of room to move around. There is also an access port for a power cord, for those that camp on a less primitive campsite. The assembly process isn’t too difficult, once again, as users appreciate the pole sleeves and colour coding. Yet, there are some that wish that more, stronger stakes were included in the box. An additional bonus here is the carry bag for the tent, which has special pockets for all the stakes and accessories.

A Final Model for Those That Want More Rooms, Not Just Space

Finally there are those that push the capacity even further. There are some giant tents out there that aim to provide a suitable space for groups as large as 14. Again, the experience depends on the beds used and the campers involved. Some are better used as spacious, luxury homes-from-home for families.

17. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

The final tent in or guide is this model from Ozark trail, this is a great example of a model with plenty of room for the whole family. This tent is sectioned off into four rooms with their own doors – rather than a more simplistic room divider. This means that the sleeping arrangements are more like a series of separate tents in one connected space. This allows for greater privacy in larger groups, as well as the options of a separate storage area as needed. There is also a large vestibule at the front with a mesh door, plenty of windows, a decent enough rain fly for the top and a flap for an electrical cord.Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 Person Cabin TentBuy From AmazonThis idea of gear storage is important when we consider the purpose of this Base Camp tent. classed as one of the best tents for camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. This means that groups smaller than 14 can take up the space with their gear, and still have enough room for a comfortable night’s sleep. There is a downside of the shape of this multi-room tent, and that comes in finding a good tent pad out in the wilderness. Even so, many say that it is surprisingly easy to assemble. This is a great choice for those that want to spend a little longer out in the woods on a fishing or hunting trip, without things getting to primitive.