Are you in search of the Best Family Tent? Then here are a few things you might be interested in. Well, first of all let’s see why we need a tent. A tent is nothing but a shelter that comprises of masses of material hooked to a structure of ropes or poles. In olden days, tents were basically used as moveable homes by wandering individuals. But in recent days, they are used for leisure camping, and of course, as temporary shelters. These tents are used in various places and for various occasions like military, emergency, recreational, protest movements and so on. The family tents available are usually much larger in dimensions. A good-quality family tent is known to provide all the comfort like our houses, and is secure, fun, and cozy. There are a huge number of family tents available in the market under different brands.

The family tents available are usually much larger in dimensions. A good-quality family tent is known to provide all the comfort like our houses, and is secure, fun, and cozy. There are a huge number of family tents available in the market under different brands.


  • Coleman Sundome Tent
  • Item Dimensions : 4.09 x 9.02 x 7.01 inches
  • Item Weight : 10.62 pounds
  • Size : 4-Person
  • 8.5 mm fiberglass poles
  • Coleman Instant Tent
  • Item Dimensions : 72.01 x 107.99 x 120 inches
  • Item Weight : 24.9 pounds
  • Size : 6-Person
  • Spacious interior has room for 2 queen airbeds; 10 x 9 ft. footprint, 6 ft. 2 in. center height
  • Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent
  • Item Dimensions : 60 x 120 x 96 inches
  • Item Weight : 11.9 pounds
  • Size : 5- person
  • Weather Armor polyester construction with polyurethane coating
  • Twin Peaks Tent – 3 Persons
  • Item Dimensions : 48 x 84 x 84 inches
  • Material Type : Fiberglass
  • Size : 48" H x 84" W x 84" D
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame with pole pockets for easy setup
  • Klondike Tent – 8 persons
  • Measures 16 x 6.5 x 11 feet (W x H x D)
  • Item Weight : 28.25 pounds
  • Maximum Height : 78 inches
  • Made of weather-repellent polyester with polyurethane coating

Best Family Tent Reviews

Coleman Sundome Tent

best family tent reviews

  • This large family tent can easily hold six members.
  • It is easy to set up this tent and also quickly tears down within ten minutes.
  • This tent consists of instant-clip poles.
  • It is made up of TC fabric which is very durable. This is waterproof and also has weather Tec system.
  • The dimension of this tent is 26.7 x 8.4 x 7.9 inches and also weighs around 9.6 lbs.
  • This family tent can simply fit in 2 queen-sized airbeds.

As mentioned earlier, the durable TC fabric and the weatherTec System helps to retain the rain water at bay. The continuous clip poles make the setup of the tent in less than 10 minutes. This tent also consists of a ventilation system to allow the flow of air in and out of the tent and also keeps the bugs outside the tent.The Coleman Tent is made up of polyester rain fly. This is one of the best and fantastic tents for family. The partial rain fly used in the tent allows for superb visibility. This excellent visibility is because the mesh windows always remain exposed with the rain fly in its place. Also, during bad weather, the windows are zippered completely to repel water. This Coleman family tents has perky yellow lines stuck to the rain fly keep and a small zippered flap at the back of the tent. This allows people inside to stretch out and take a drink or something from an adjacent cooler, just in case they wish not to leave the tent. So this tent is perfect for a small family to spend its leisure time peacefully.[easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B01D9EQ804″ cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”wide-orange” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”family-tent05-20″ width=”176″]

Coleman Instant Tent

3 room family tent

  • Coleman Instant Tent has spacious interiors and can easily fit in two queen sized airbeds.
  • The dimension of this family tent is 34.65 x 96 x 59 inches and weighs around 16.42 lbs.
  • It has pre-assembled poles which are very helpful and makes the setting up of the tent easy and fast.

Staying in this big family tent is at ease, as it has a wonderful ventilation system, making it very cool to stay during hot summer days. On the other hand, it also has all the facilities to bundle up in order to stay warm, cozy and dry during a storm. You do not have to care about finding the proper grommet for the pole as they are attached from before.

There is no reason to worry about during a storm, as it has a rain fly and the fabric of this tent is absolutely waterproof. It has a very long durability and is constructed to form a built in trap. As reviewed by customers, the floors of tents get really dirty, but that is not the case with this tent. The trap and the weather Tec system’s patented welded floors helps to keep the water away and the tent clean and tidy. This family tent has Illumiline (TM) reflective lines for better visibility during night, which is very important in a family tent. This is one of the best tents for families which are available in the market at reasonable rates.[easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B004E4ERHA” cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”wide-orange” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”family-tent05-20″ width=”176″]

Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent

top rated family camping tents

  • The Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent was built keeping exploration in mind.
  • The setting up of this tent is quite easy and it features two door plan and a detachable droopy room divider, which allows you to have either two separate rooms or one single huge room.
  • It has a contented room space for at least 5 individuals. The size of this tent is 10 inches x 8 inches and a central height of 5 inches.

The Wenzel Camping Tents features improved weather coverings, in order to keep you comfortable, dry and cozy. This family camping tents contains 2 hanging storage pouches, ground stakes and also a storing duffle which offers extra benefit. The meshed windows and roof of the tent offer full exposure to air and light. Along with this, two shock corded poles made of fibreglass are present to provide extra support. It has polyurethane wall which is weather-repellent and safeguards the tent from damage caused due to storm. You can enjoy big napping space or split the tent into 2 comfortable rooms with the aid of the zip-up wall for privacy. All of these features make this the best family camping tent.[easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B00Z7JG2JC” cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”wide-orange” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”family-tent05-20″ width=”176″]

Twin Peaks Tent – 3 Persons

best family cabin tent

  • The provisions of this tent are: base is 7 by 7 feet, Central height is 48 inches and is absolutely light weight and compacted in nature.
  • It has enough space to assist 4 persons and is the best choice for trekkers and light travellers.
  • This 4 person tent is furnished with shock-corded fiberglass poles for the strength of the tent. Also, it is known to keep the temperature cool on warm evenings, as it has mesh roof openings and windows for plenty of ventilation.

Some of the other features of this 4 person family tent comprises of a big D-style door intended for entry and exit easily, an original hooped fly casing for firmness and protection from storms, an efficacy pocket and also a gear attic to keep private items within easy grasp, and last but not the least, a mud mat. The durability of this tent is extremely satisfying and so is its worth. This tent is particularly good for summertime. And moreover, being lightweight, it is easy to do packing, making this as one of the best family tents for camping.[easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B003R7PTXG” cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”wide-orange” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”family-tent05-20″ width=”176″]

Klondike Tent – 8 persons

best tents for family camping

  • This tent is perfect for camping with friends and family.
  • It measures around 16-feet × 11-feet and the attached shelter room in the tent can be made use as sun shelter.
  • It consists of a full meshed roof and two meshed windows to keep bugs out and allow the breeze enter inside.

The best structures of this tent are the weather armour polyester material, having a polyurethane water repellent coating which protects the tent completely. All gears of the tent have a superior quality water repellent application to protect the critical areas. It is steady and firm in high-velocity winds as well. Its stipulations are base: 16 × 11 feet and central height of 78 inches. It is spacious and offers good capacity. Despite the availability of several different tents in the market, if you are finding it difficult to select a good tent, then here are a few tips you can use while buying a best family camping tent.[easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B01BIRE7ZW” cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”wide-orange” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”family-tent05-20″ width=”176″]


Family tents are receiving tremendous popularity these days. They are available in the market in various shapes, sizes and colours. Thus, you need to keep in mind a number of aspects before shopping for a seamless family tent.

Some of the topics you can settle on while buying a Awesome family tent are:

  • SIZE – Size of the tent is a major issue as tents are available as 2 person tent, 3 person family tent, 4 person tents, 6 person tent and 8 person family tent and so on. Huge family tents are also in the market, thus, it is advisable to select an ideal sized tent with the requirement of your family.
  • POLES – The poles of the tents are either made up of a metallic component or covering material. These poles are usually coupled through flexible shock twine which helps in setting up the tent. Poles usually tend to bend or break due to heavy usage or due to weather conditions. Thus, tents should be provided with emergency maintenance links so that people can make use of them in an emergency.
  • FORM – As told earlier, tents are available in various shapes, such as umbrella, frame, dome or geodesic, and also a wall. The umbrella form is one of the most ordinarily used family tent, as it has several rooms with enormous windows and a storm fly at the highest point of the tent. Therefore, form is another issue to be thought of while buying a family tent.
  • COMFORTABLE USAGE – It is very important to find out the entrance of the tent. If an individual enters or exit a tent, it must remain stable. Tents with massive openings are advised to be avoided as they do not offer support to the tent throughout the year.
  • WATERPROOF CLOTH USED – Primarily, tents are usually made up of nylon that offers waterproofing ability. Nylon mesh is used for inner part of the walls. Advanced waterproof family tents make use of thick cloth and rip-stop cloth. Thick cloth offers a lot of toughness and better shelter.
  • OPENING AND PACKING WITH ZIPPER – When you go shopping for the best family tent, you must always see for the quality of the zipper. They should be able to open and close freely, and not bind to the cloth of the tent. The zippers should not be of a weathering type material.
  • ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE – You have to keep in mind all weather possibilities while going for shopping a family tent, such as the wind, sun, rain, cold, heat and so on. Tents being set up in windy areas should have durable ropes and poles. Thus a good tent must be comfortable in all weather conditions. They must have a waterproof storm fly made up of coated nylon.
  • STURDINESS – Tents should to be durable and upfront to assemble. It should be stress-free to carry around while camping. Usability of the tent should be candid and it should take the least time to pull together and to take apart.
  • VALUE – Usually, the higher priced tents which are made with tougher cloth, sturdier poles, and also stronger handiwork are going to face the strong winds and heavy rain much better than the cheap ones. They also last longer and an authentic tent lasts for quite a few years. As mentioned earlier tents are made from different material and are designed to accomplish different functions. The different types of family tents available are:
  • Season Tents: These are designed so that everyone stays cool, calm and collected in all weather conditions. Thus, they offer greater comfort.
  • Convertible Tents: These have mix style options like that of a vestibule, pole and tent-fly choices so that the tent can adapt to various kinds of weather.
  • Mountain Climbing Tents: A Mountain Climbing Tent is usually a winter tent, and it is designed out of robust tools and also has hard-wearing pole structures.
  • Canvas Tents: If you want a lightest tent attainable, then you can take a canvas tent. This is very easy to carry around.Depending on the need and usage, tents are available in number of different categories such as 2 person tent , 3 person tent, 4 person tent, 6 person tent and 8 person tent. You can check the links for more detailed reviews.

Now, all of you must have known about the usage and importance of a family tent.

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Best tents for Family camping is a basic demand of today’s life. Living in tents for a few days and nights offers some individual expertise and some people purposely carry such tents to give them responsibility. Several companies have taken up the initiative to design and produce such tents in order to provide better options. There are many companies that manufacture various types of tents with totally different designs and proportions. Depending on the size of a family, one can easily find an ideal family tent. Thus, with this convenience, individuals can use tents depending on their needs.

Many types of best tents for camping is suitable in variable atmospheric situations which eliminates the weather worries of most of the people. There are various family tents, and one must buy the best family tent that not only satisfies all the needs, but also quenches all the needs according to the situation, irrespective of it coming to camping or a small picnic.